M.K.Ciurlionis and K.Simonis meets P.Gaugin and F.Goya

From : 2011-11-07 To : 2012-02-12

Seventeen M.K.Ciurlionis and two K.Simonis paintings are being exhibited at the international exhibition "Europe and the world of spirits, or fascination with the occult from the year of 1750 to 1950" (L'Europe des Esprit ou la Fascination pour l'occult, 1750 – 1950) in Strasbourg, France. Lithuanian artists' works are exhibited alongside a plethora of world-renowned European artists such as William Blake, Eugene Delacroix, Paul Gauge, Francisco Goya, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Kazimir Malevitch, Edouard Munch, etc.

M.K.Ciurlionis Sun Sonata, Star Cycle, pastel "Ship" are displayed on two partition walls which conclude kind of contact between the symbolist artists. The exhibition aims to reveal the occult as an interdisciplinary phenomenon in Europe since the eighteenth century to a twentieth age.

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