Lucid Dream by Zilvinas Kempinas

From : 2011-10-20 To : 2011-11-19

Zilvinas Kempinas experiments with the possibilities of movement in works of art. In his installations, he uses industrial fans to ventilate the air floating one or several loops of magnetic tape that undulates, drawing random forms in space. These tapes connote a memory, by now illegible, though latent, in fact suspended.

At the gallery Yvon Lambert, Zilvinas Kempinas presents a range of static pieces, including a large central structure which echoes the architecture of the glass roof. Bands of magnetic tape strung from ceiling to floor create a rhythm, with motionless lines punctuating the space of the gallery. Lucid dream takes us to a metaphoric world which sees our perception of space completely altered, our reflection in the artworks revealing artworks in constant change. While the space gets drawn into the tapes’ mirroring effect, the lights reveal a set of lines that form the exhibition’s large mural rosette.

Born in Lithuania in 1969 Zilvinas Kempinas lives and works in New York.

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