From : 2011-09-22 To : 2011-12-04

It is already 8th international Biennale of Textile in Kaunas. Specially for this event, the gallery that hosts the exhibition was closed in order to prepare three floor for the huge amount of artists works from all over the world. It is closelly the biggest art event in Kaunas which has not bound with gallery spaces but spreads over the public places.

The number of artists and lecturers this year in Kaunas is over 300; the viewers will be able to see not only the works of textile but also to participate in different workshops, performances of modern dance, programs of visual arts, the week of Fluxus. The name of the biennale: REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD asociates with the names of buttons of the music player, which can hop through the variuos titles by repeating them or forwarding; today these functions represents past, present and future – art, science and industry, the themes for this year competition.


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