Pranas Gailius and his Metamorphosis

From : 2011-08-21 To : 2011-09-11

Pranas Gailius, or “Pränas” (b.1928) encountered, crossed and transformed frontiers of various natures throughout his life. Born in the Lowlands (Samogitia) of Lithuania, after the Soviet occupation he escaped from the homeland into Western Europe and the popular destination of many modernist artists, France. During three week exhibition, viewers can get to know with more Pranas Gailius paintings and graphics from all over the world.

Today P.Gailius is one of the most creative Lithuanian painter abroad, who had grown and matured as artist in famous Léger classes, musieums or just in the streets of Paris. In his works embodied the spirit of Lithuania and showed that in modernistic ways.

P. Gailius also have created unique artist books, casted in watercolors, made spontaneus and close-faced works. His creativity has abstract features of expressionism, dominates poetic mood, folklore motives are visible.


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