Days of Ch. Soutine 14th Time in Moletai

From : 2011-08-15 To : 2011-09-15

The exhibition is a result of plein-air "Days of Soutine 2011". This plein-air is being held already 14th time in order to remember and honor great artist with lithuanian roots. He was an artist from the very begining, who had unique sense of shape, composition and color. Very few famous artists from the history of painting had this emotional mesmerism strokes, complex forms imparting the excellence.

At first, Chaim Soutine studied in Vilnius, where stood a famous Arts School. Later he went to France where became known and recognized painter. Soutine last name can be seen behind other well-known artists as P. Picasso, M. Shagallo, A. Modigliani.

This year in plein-air "Days of Soutine 2011" participates artists from Lithuania, Poland and Byelorussia: Svajūnas Armonas, Antanas Beinaravičius, Aistė Černiūtė, Lina Dieninė, Piotr Dondajewski, Rūta Eidukaitytė, Aleksandr Ksendzov and Aleksandras Vozbinas.  


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