FrontierSpirit’s made by Germany&Lithuania

From : 2011-07-08 To : 2011-08-14

FrontierSpirit concept for the participating artists means the idea of todays dinamics and thinking in different ways – demarcation of secret structures, giving up the old concepts, recognising new paths, evolution of new perspectives. Medium presented in this exhibition: from painting and art objects to instalations.

Participating artists: Christiane B. Bethke, Czaja Braatz, Dainius Dapkevičius, Alfred Kaufner, Daumantas Plechavičius, Diana Radavičiūtė, Rita Rohlfing, Aistė Valiūtė ir Saulius Valius. For example, Czaja Braatz uses old rusty barbed wire and connect it with gauze pieces. Alfred Kaufner works with glass in order to manipulate the light rays breaking opportunities.


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