3+3. Young Three Countries Art

From : 2011-08-04 To : 2011-09-04

3 + 3For several years, in collaboration with the Artists' House Luke Arenshoop (Germany) exists an ongoing project which is visible as an exhibition. Here will be exhibited three young artists from three different countries - Gintare Radvilaviciute (Lithuania), Susanne Möhring (Germany), Ellisif Hals (Norway).

Gintare Radvilaviciute for the exhibition submits sculptures from wire. An artist is a puppet theater director and set designer, so her works convey the theater and puppets as an art object. Ellisif Hals and Susanne Möhring exhibit their paintings. One of the artists - Susanne Möhring reveals her works in the darkest tones of light and and the meaning, which is dealing with an otherwise black color, line, surface interpretation. Ellisif Hals works are of mixed technique. The artist often works with water colors on watercolor paper, gouache, pastels and oil crayons. Created art works is a result of painting, drawing clear, and putting a new layer of experimentation with the artistic outcome measures.


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