Children’s Book Illustrations by V.Gedmantaite-Galkuviene

From : 2011-06-30 To : 2011-07-31

The biggest Vanga-Gedmantaite Galkuviene output consists of a children's book illustrations. In this area of ​​graphics artist was involved when various Lithuanian illustrators had worked rapidly and showed general features to the national schools. She tried to speak with children in a unique and simplified language and to develop their aesthetic sense, stimulate creative powers.

In recent decades, this talented artist has created a number of paintings. Her hand seems to be completely spontaneous. In many places approaching the abstract definition but still recognizable reality and forms of human-nature relationship inspired imagery. Various painters' tools at its disposal (pastel, watercolor, tempera, felt-tip pens), often used in mixed media, helps to get rich colors, unusual combinations of décor and expression.

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