At Home – On the Way by South Korea

From : 2011-06-10 To : 2011-07-03

Paintings, photographs and objects of thirteen South Korean artists will be showcased in the exhibition. The authors live, study and work in Germany, still, the specific understanding of contemporary art and culture may be felt in the works due to the common eastern context.

The idea of the festival is to present various institutions, projects and artists from the entire world. Curators of the festival: Sivan Gabrielovich (Israel), Nuno Guimarães (Portugal), Lutz-Benno Kracke, Ekkehard Neumann, Stephanie Sczepanek (Germany), Waclaw Kuczma (Poland), Veronique Sapin (United Arab Emirates), Dovilė Stirbytė (Lithuania) present expositions, video programmes, installations, performances, dance theatre shows, discussions, seminars, in which works of artists of these countries will be represented.

Events of the fourth contemporary art festival “Kaunas in Art” will take place in Kaunas old town: gallery Meno Parkas, gallery MJ Studija, Kaunas Photography gallery, Lithuanian Medicine and Pharmacy History Museum, Erika Stelmokienė Art Gallery, Communication History Museum, Kolping College, Town Hall square and Daugirdas Amphitheatre; one of the projects will be presented at Kaunas Artists’ House.

Organiser of the festival: Gallery of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association Meno Parkas

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