Depicted Reality by A.Barzdukaite-Vaitkuniene

From : 2011-05-13 To : 2011-06-12

By the time passing, Ausra Barzdukaite’s works had more legible imagery, concreteness, personal lyrical reflections by more general, more global experiences and reactions to changes in society and its flaws. A. Barzdukaite-Vaitkunienes’ painting began to provoke the audience by identifying the joy of painting and alluring to read speculation.

K. Civinskiene says about this artist: “Interesting, appealing and relevant to the tradition are Ausra Barzdukaite-Vaitkunienes’ works which connects in all times. For more than 20 years, she works to maintain the tension between tradition and novelty, tried painting clay, ash, soot but retained the impulsive, dramatic, survival method if painting.”

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