Incredible R.Filistowicz Works

From : 2011-05-04 To : 2011-05-31

Sixth personal exhibition displays works of recent years, as well as works from the Lithuanian Art Museum and private collections. R. Filistowicz is active in exhibitions since 1978 in various displays of works of art in group exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad. His works adorn the Lithuanian Art Museum and the National M. K. Ciurlionis Art Museum and private collections of individuals.

According to art critic Lijana Sataviciute, R. Filistowicz is difficult to attribute with specific works of contemporary Lithuanian art direction. Expressive style, subjective experiences and hosting dramatic works, and permeated with the expressionist and surrealist art. Painters’ artistic thinking represents not only an expansive, intuitive paintings broke the subconscious images but also a strong historical memory of the cultural heritage which revives the artist through an individual manner of painting, the paradoxical juxtaposition, mythologized own image symbols.

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