Exhibition of Roberta Vaigeltaite and Kestutis Vasiliunas “The Journey”

From : 2011-04-28 To : 2011-05-14

China: Photography and video cards.
2010, 20 December – 15 February 2011 are the days when we were away on international Guanlano graphics workshop in China. There we had the opportunity not only to create but also to access deeper in to the Chinese culture, to participate in “cultural missions”: exhibition openings, concerts, schools, festivals and various restaurants. We were also able to travel to southern China. As an old Chinese saying states, “the most beautiful landscapes on this earth is Guilinos’ but Yangshous’ is even more beautiful”. Seeing a beautiful view of toil and hard-working people, you know that is all this beauty is because of the Creator. Sometimes you just need to leave your comfortable life and go into any long journey to discover and understand yourself and the people you appreciate most.

Roberta Vaigeltaite

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