Forces and Tensions by A.Raudys-Samogits

From : 2011-04-07 To : 2011-04-30

Retrospective exhibition called “Forces and Tensions” by Adomas Raudys-Samogits. Author names himself Samogits from the english meaning to Lithuanian region Zemaitija. “Force is the most important component of all worlds’ elements and special part of art works”, says sculptor.

“The goal of my creativity life is to find a way to express universal force”, says Samogits, for this purpose immolated fifty years during which searched the meaningful techniques’ and plastics’ combination. Samogitss’ theme of force is the struggle for declaration of life. Struggles’ destination is the victory. In order to win, the righteous type of force should be chosen, that is why sculptor step by step searches for the concrete variations of forces in growth of grass and majestic Lithuanias’ battles.

A. Raudys works are sparsed in different countries: Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, USA, Greece, Canada, Poland, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, France, Russia, Germany and others.

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