The exhibition “of the XX century romantic Vaclovas Kosciuska (1911-1984)”

From : 2011-04-05 To : 2011-06-05

Anniversary Vaclovas Kosciuska birth centenary exhibition for the visitors are more than 200 works by the artist. This is the first of this scale in this twentieth century Romantic public presentation. Exhibited paintings, book illustrations and the book, ex-libris and projects scenography projects, medals, cartoons, posters, photographs were taken of the artist.
Creator works to penetrate care for the survival of Lithuania and the Lithuanian storage. It is understood in the form of conveying the reality of allegorical images of V. Kosciuska strongly associated with the romantic world view is formed, the culture and tradition of realistic expression. His artistic creations of his countrymen had a symbolic meaning and power and value of work left indifferent spectators of all ages.

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