Leonas Lagauskas. Prints. Drawings. 1954-2009

From : 2011-02-17 To : 2011-05-08

What? The exhibition presents an exceptional talent and engraving master draftsman, graphic techniques of the classical promoter more than 200 works – prints, drawings, sketches. 

Lithuanian Art Museum signed by the artist’s sister Irene Lagauskaitė, complemented by an exhibition of photos of the family archive.
Graphic history of the Lithuanian Lagauskas Leon (1928-2010) is known as an exceptional classic graphic techniques – etching traditions promoter, Vilnius panoramas virtuosic paintings and portraits of the author of the gallery.

Leon Lagauskas was born on 4 February 1928 in Kaunas. 1949 joined the State Institute of Fine Arts, determined to study painting, but after the first semester, the schedule chosen Prints. Lithuanian State Art Institute teacher, lecturer (since 1980), Professor (since 1992).

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