Saulius Zvirgzdas Photography

From : 2011-01-18 To : 2011-02-04

What? Stanislovas Zvirgzdas photography exhibition “Visions”

Independent creative work coincided with the eighth decade of our print carpet but S. Zvirgždas soon was started  mentioned among the best, and in Lithuania and the number of international awards to its rare amount.

There is known some of his creative phases, well being formed in cycles, “Metamorphoses of Civilizations”(1986), “Tale not Tale” (1987), “Visions” (1991) and others. Of these, it was clear that S. Zvirgzdas is out of the way with a strong reportage photography and ethnographic traditions, although the Lithuanian culture is the roots of the depth of feeling, for example cycle “Tale not Tale”. The author took the hard-sphere weighed censors as a photographer, where to go next V. Butyrinas is unrivaled. The images of the world in S. Zvirgzdas creativity went through the courtyards of Vilnius, behind the shadows and dying trees in the maze, perhaps somewhat reminiscent of the first German expressionistic films.

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