R. Pozerskis Photography in Ukraine

From : 2011-01-18 To : 2011-02-14

What? Romualdas Pozerskis photography in exhibition “Leading photographers of the world”

The exhibition will show the works from few series : ‘The piligrims from Lithuania’, ‘The old cities of Lithuania’, ‘The gardens of memory’, ‘The joy and sadness of little Alfons’, ‘Hot summer’. All these pictures were made from 1977 till 2010. Romualdas’ photographs are very truthful. They are accurate, sometimes with some hidden irony, smile and life philosophy. He has shown another side of life : the houses of invalids, visitors of the graveyards, sick children, elder people, during some period of time he has shooted the serie of pictures with the dwarf. This exhibition is unique because it’s the first exhibition of this famous author in Ukraine.

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