Lithuanian Photography in Italy

From : 2011-01-18 To : 2011-02-19

A. Sutkus

What? Lithuanian photography exhibition “Four Points. Eight Stops”

The exhibition „Four points. Eight stops“ is a comparison between 2oth century seventies – eighties and 21st century, their states, modes, values, presence, confrontation of artists creativity. Eight different generations, well known authors and their works together bounds and opens as the language of the reference sections of life. A couple of parallels drawn are like a hint that everyone can develop in different paths. The viewer is able to create his own contexts and to think about the difference of rotational time.

Authors: Arunas Baltenas, Joana Deltuvaite, Algimantas Kuncius, Antanas Macijauskas, Romualdas Rakauskas, Rokas Pralgauskas, Antanas Sutkus, Arturas Valiauga.

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