International Exhibition “FATA MORGANA”

From : 2010-12-17 To : 2011-01-20

What? International exhibition continuing the tradition already for ten years connects artists in various fields.

Ever since 2000, this type of exhibition appears to the audience with different names: “Magnum Mysterium”, “Ars Longa Vita Brevis”, “End the twentieth century Haiku”, “Unbearable Reality”, “Ultima Ratio”, “Kaunas Art: Contexts”, etc. This year title “Fata Morgana” offers artists to reveal by developing surealistic, phantom works, telling viewers about the fata morgana as the goal, mirage which is only a few steps ahead but always elusive.

Miglė Kosinskaitė. "Mirror, mirror..."

The dictionary names Fata Morgana as “a complex optical phenomenon consisting of several forms of mirage” and in art this phenomenon can give a sense of fairy Morgan which is the Lithuanian equivalent of ignis fatuus. As the travelers’ mirage in the desert is individual, unique, in this exhibition each artist distinctively interprets the illusions, such unavailability and the same phenomenon – Fata Morgana.

Jean-Paul Francisco & María Kjartansdóttir. "Aiškiaregė"

Participants of an exhibition: Edward Bateman (USA), Jean-Paul Francisco & María Kjartansdóttir (UK, Island), Milda Gailiūtė (Lithuania), Greta Grendaitė (Lithuania), Pranas Griušys (Lithuania), Brigitte Horion (France), Francisco Janes & Jūratė Jarulytė  (USA, Lithuania), Dagmar Kase (Estonia), Jūratė Kazakevičiūtė (Lithuania), Stine Ofelia Kildevang (Denmark), Miglė Kosinskaitė (Lithuania), Kęstutis Lanauskas (Lithuania), Evaldas Mikalauskis (Lithuania), Reiner Nachtwey (Germany), Gintarė Pilypaitė (Lithuania), Giuditta R (Italy), Birutė Sarapienė (Lithuania), Agneta Sofiadotter (Sweden), Alonas Štelmanas (Lithuania), Lotte Tauber Lassen (Denmark), Gintautas Vaičys (Lithuania).

E.Bateman. "Spektrinė mašina 2". 2010.

Lotte Tauber Lassen. "Eclipse"

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